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Young Heroes Travel

How close to your dreams can you get? What happens when there are borders you cannot cross?

At Stoiximan, we try to minimize distances between places, in order to support students and teachers who live in the most isolated areas of Greece.

 ‘Young Heroes Travel’ is specially made for children who live far away from cities. It is designed to offer love, knowledge, unique experiences, as well as to help children find their own path in life. 

Through ‘Young Heroes Travel’, students can live an adventure, make new friends and see the world from another point of view. 

Find out more about the fascinating trips of our Young Heroes 

Watch our special documentary about the latest trip of our Young Heroes in Athens, where they visited: the Stavros Niarchos Foundation & Cultural Center, Technopolis City of Athens, the National Observatory of Athens, the Acropolis Museum and Attica Zoo Park. The students stayed in Athens for 3 days, as part of Stoiximan’s CSR program, ‘Young Heroes Learn’. 

The following videos include 4 inspirational stories of students and their teachers at Kasos and Heraklia Islands, Tranovalto village in Kozani and Arkoi Island. 

Panagiotis, from Arkoi Island 

Celia is a teacher at Arkoi Island school. Her student, Panagiotis, is 11 years old, a ‘young hero’ of a small and immaculate world. Time seems to have stopped. ‘The world is only what you are able to see on the island’, Celia said. At Arkoi there are different possibilities.

Panagiotis is the perfect example of a ‘young hero’. He has a pure heart, a brave mind and an eagerness to live.  At Stoiximan we feel lucky as our ‘family’ has grown, Panagiotis is certainly a new and valuable member, making us proud every day. He is genuine and happy, a young hero at the island of Arkoi. 

Panagiotis is changing his route to school, for the first time. He is ready for his biggest trip until now. Celia has fulfilled her dream, to offer the chance to Panagiotis to travel to Athens and discover an important part of the ‘unknown’ world. 

Theodore and Marios, from Heraklia

The island of Heraklia is at the west part of East Cyclades. Theodore and Marios, our young heroes, are at the last grade of elementary school. They speak to us about what they crave more in life, as well as about all the facts that they love about their home island. As the ferry approaches the port, the children will get a feeling of anticipation and excitement. 

Their teacher, Ms Joanna, calls the 2 kids by the nickname ‘double trouble’. She is the only teacher at the school, and she is lucky enough to have 6 students.  

The children will reach Athens by boat. They will truly find all those things they have anticipated for a really long time.  A new adventure begins, an adventure that will broaden their horizons. 

Taksiarchis, Lela and Sofía, from Kasos

‘If I only had one wish, it would be to keep the island alive with children’, says Fotini, their teacher. Kasos is located between Crete and Karpathos, at the southern part of the Dodecanese. Fotini’s eyes speak louder than words, she is a teacher at the elementary school of Kasos. 

Taksiarchis, Lela and Sofía are some of the young heroes of Kasos. There are more children living on the island an they all shared with us their dreams and their aspirations, the things that make them laugh, the things they find weird. 

Our young heroes traveled and discovered new worlds. They made new friends and created new memories. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will change their lives.  

Joanna, Vaya and Konstantinos, from Tranovalto

50 kms from the city of Kozani, you will find the alpine village of Tranovalto. There are 6 kids at the local elementary school. They have built their own special ‘family’. Vaya dreams of becoming a police officer. Konstantinos is best friend with all his classmates.  

Joanna, the 5th grade schoolteacher at Tranovalto, was the one who inspired us to create the Program ‘Young Heroes Travel’. A kind and loving person, who is always excited about teaching. She is one of the heroes herself. At Stoiximan, we feel grateful to have met people like Joanna. 

‘I wish for more students to have the opportunity to live such an experience’, Joanna said. She is constantly trying to bring more students and teachers at the ‘Young Heroes Travel’ Program. 

The 2nd session of ‘Young Heroes Travel’ has been completed. 

This time, we welcomed students from remote areas of the Greek mainland.