Stoiximan Wheels Of Change: The Stoiximan team delivers a powerful social message for sports equality at the 40th Authentic Athens Marathon


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The Stoiximan Wheels of Change team, with the central message “This team changes everything,” actively participated in the 40th Athens Authentic Marathon, conveying a strong social message for equality in sports. This initiative is part of Stoiximan’s broader collaboration with SEGAS, of which it is an official sponsor and the Name Sponsor of the 5 km road race.

As a part of its extensive Corporate Responsibility program, Stoiximan established the Stoiximan Wheels Of Change team—an evolution of the Stoiximan Running Team. For the first time, this team allowed People with Disabilities to participate in the Authentic Athens Marathon alongside volunteer chaperones, promoting the values of inclusion and equal accessibility.

More than 1,300 volunteers and amateur runners of all ages registered their participation through the platform to join the Stoiximan Wheels Of Change team. They opted to run either the classic Marathon route (42 km) or distances of 5 and 10 kilometers. Stoiximan provided specially made wheelchairs for the participants to ensure their active involvement. Together, they made a significant impact at the biggest sports celebration, sending a special message about the importance of equality and inclusion.

Among the participants were World Swimming Champion and Olympic champion Antigone Drisbiotis, as well as Olympic champion in open-sea swimming, Spyros Gianniotis. Their involvement contributed to breaking down prejudices and stereotypes about People with Disabilities.

Collaborating with experienced coaches in Athens and Thessaloniki, Stoiximan organized weekly training for participants throughout their months-long preparation for the Marathon. This not only ensured their physical preparation but also cultivated team spirit and reinforced the value of noble rivalry.

Mr. Panos Konstantopoulos, Vice President of Stoiximan, stated, “The Authentic Athens Marathon has been a celebration of sports for 40 years, representing the history, culture, and sporting tradition of our country. By creating the Stoiximan Wheels of Change team, we are sending a strong message of optimism and inclusion, creating an equal sports space for all without dividing lines. As Stoiximan, we are committed to continuing to implement such actions, supporting every athlete and reinforcing the importance of sports rivalry”.

A key partner in Stoiximan’s initiative is the non-profit company “Run With Me,” founded in 2013 to promote the inclusion of People with Disabilities in sports”.