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Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki 

The Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki is a modern museum that preserves and exhibits collections of objects concerning the lives of children through time.

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Museum Educational Programmes 
A. “Blue heroes take action on climate change & the environment” 
Prompted by our Museum’s new Smurf collection, we are implementing a museum educational programme with the main goal of raising children’s awareness in relation to climate change and its effects on the environment and our lives.  
The students will turn into Smurfs and you will assign them a mission: Not to save Smurfette from Gargamel, but to save our planet from harmful human activity. Through the clear storytelling, the optimistic humour, the strong graphic style and the constant creativity of the little blue creatures, students get to know good practices that can be applied in our daily lives, with the aim of learning to respect the environment – both the natural environment as well as animals – in order to bequeath a healthy planet to future generations. (Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage: Actions aimed at the dissemination of knowledge and ways in order to ensure a sustainable environment in mitigating climate change. 
B. “Discovering the secrets of games” 
When did children first play with dolls? What does Athena (the mascot of the Olympic Games) have to do with Barbie? Were there board games before there were tables? How does a can turn into an airplane, taking you on a journey around the world?  
These and many other questions will be answered and the hidden secrets of the games in the Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki will be revealed.  
The journey into the world of toys begins here: children will learn about the history of toys in a fun way, as well as the social and cultural context in which they emerged; they will be called to provide answers in an interactive/digital way to the questions of Plangona (an ancient doll) and – who knows – they might even meet one… 
Action, knowledge and imagination are the ingredients that make up our museum educational programme.

C. “Many journeys… one Europe” 
Europe speaks many languages and it has a lot to say! Where did her journey begin and what has she given us besides her name?  
A museum educational programme that brings students into contact with our close, as well as our distant European neighbours. Through narration, video, digital interaction and constructions: images and people, cultures so different yet so similar, are pleasantly entangled in a game of search and knowledge.  
Get ready! Where would you like to travel? 
D. “A day in an old classroom” 
In our Museum’s authentic, traditional classroom, students will discover and get to know the old school, the teachers, the lessons and games of another time through sight, touch and participating in interactive practices.  
The old school classroom environment, pictures, videos and objects help children learn experientially. They can compare, create, participate and gain a complete picture and experience of how school life was in Greece in the past. 
E. “A suitcase filled with Christmas customs” (available from November 20) 
Who is Santa Claus really? What does a boat have to do with Christmas? What are “koutsouna” and “rugatsaria”? Search and find out, play and learn, discover and create with customs, filling your own suitcase. Christmas tunes are interwoven with local dialects and carols from all over  
Greece. An interactive cultural heritage game with our homeland’s Christmas customs.  
*All programmes are based on the school’s curriculum and they have an experiential nature, special games and alternative ways. In addition, they are suitable for children with learning disabilities. *All health protection measures are followed. 

NOESIS – Science Centre and Technology Museum

The NOESIS Science Centre and Technology Museum is a charitable, cultural, educational, non-profit foundation, which promotes technical culture and creates the appropriate environment for informing the general public about scientific and technological developments.

Students have the opportunity to discover the secrets of our planet and of space by watching digital screenings in the modern screening rooms.

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Space Opera
A flying saucer travels through the solar system, navigating space. A unique artistic, scientific and cinematic experience with music from Gustav Holst’s work “The Planets”.
1st year of junior high school or higher.

Earth’s climate
The Earth’s position in the solar system provides the right conditions for the development and evolution of life. However, these conditions do not remain unchanged over time. Nowadays, human interventions in the environment have brought about a new climate change, making it imperative to adopt drastic measures in order to address it. The film presents the factors that influence our planet’s climatic conditions.    
4th grade or higher.

Alien worlds
For thousands of years, we believed we were the centre of the universe. Thanks to our curiosity, imagination and ingenuity, we now know that planets like Earth are not something special in the universe. Our Sun is one of billions of stars in our galaxy. With the help of our more powerful telescopes, we can explore the universe a little bit more every day. There is a huge variety of different worlds out there, waiting to be discovered. 
1st year of junior high school or higher.

Constellations and myths
A game to discover the mysteries of the sky, in a dazzling landscape beyond all knowledge and imagination. Discover the magic of the night sky through the myths of the constellations. 
4th grade or higher.

From the Earth to the universe
A journey through celestial discoveries, from the theories of ancient Greek astronomers to state-of-the-art telescopes. Visit the solar system and the Sun, experience the birth and death of stars and travel even further, beyond the galaxy, into the vastness of the universe. 
5th grade or higher.

Oasis in space
A tour to the unseen corners of our solar system, in search of precious water.
5th grade or higher.

Ocean Odyssey 3D
Watch the journey of a small whale in the ocean, in one of the largest sea currents on Earth. Get to know the richness of the oceans and discover how the climatic conditions, the ecosystem, the economy and life on our planet are inextricably linked to the perpetual movement of ocean sea currents.
4th grade or higher.

The great journey 2D
The film presents how an astronomer sees the world and how he perceives science and its achievements. Enjoy impressive images of celestial bodies, planets and stars, and learn how man’s knowledge of the universe has been shaped over time.
4th grade or higher.

The wonders of engineering 3D
From buildings touching the sky to underwater robots exploring the seabed, solar cars and “smart”, sustainable cities, the film “The Wonders of Engineering” highlights the human intelligence behind the small and great miracles of technological advances and reveals the creativity and humanitarian feelings that push engineers to create better living conditions for their fellow human beings. 
4th grade or higher.

Dinosaurs – Giants of Patagonia 3D
Dinosaurs, who ruled over Patagonia billions of years ago, come to life before your eyes, taking on a three-dimensional form on the giant screen of the Cosmotheater. 
4th grade or higher.

Olympic Museum 

The first Olympic Museum in the country (2004) tells the fascinating history of the Olympic Games through its rich Olympic collection. With a modern museological approach and interactive exhibits, the collection of Olympic memorabilia with a unique historical value brings the great moments of the Games to life, from antiquity to this day; it communicates the Olympic values and it promotes knowledge within contemporary exhibition facilities for culture and education.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the educational programme “Let’s go to Paris! Olympic Games 2024”.

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In the wake of the 2024 Olympics, the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki is offering the educational programme “Let’s go to Paris! Olympic Games 2024″, addressed to students of the 4th-6th grade.
The aim of the programme is to get to know the Olympic ideal, to come into contact with the Olympic values and to become familiar with the pillars of the Olympic Agenda, in order to ensure fraternity among peoples, to promote human rights and to raise awareness on sustainability issues through the special characteristics of the “PARIS 2024” Olympic Games. Students have the opportunity to learn about the new Olympic sports, the design parameters of the Olympic village and the sports venues, the symbolism of the torch and the mascot, the cultural particularities and environmental protection measures that make this event unique in the world. The students will be able to enjoy theatrical interaction, puzzles, exploring the Museum’s collection, sports and floor games in an interactive and experiential Olympic Education programme that reflects the different subjects in the school’s curriculum (Environmental Studies, Physics, Language, Physical Education).