Stoiximan Basket League


Stoiximan Basket League

  • 1986-87
  • 2016-18, 2020 - Today


The Greek Basket League (GBL), often referred to as the Greek A1 Basketball League, and also known as the Stoiximan Basket League for sponsorship reasons, is the first tier level professional basketball league in Greece. It is run by HEBA (Greek: ΕΣΑΚΕ), under the legal authority of the Hellenic Basketball Federation (E.O.K.).

Nine teams have been crowned champions. Panathinaikos BC has claimed more titles than any other club having won the championship thirty nine (39) times and also holds the record of most consecutive championships with 9 titles.

Basketball first appeared in Greece in 1918 through Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) who managed to spread the game around schools and sport clubs, and at the same time started organising the first matches.

The first official Greek Basketball Championship was held in the 1927–28 season and the first championship was awarded to Iraklis BC. During the first years of the competition, the league was held in two different stages: The first stage was played locally and the winners proceeded to the national stage.

The first nationwide competition was held in 1963 and starting from 1969 the competition was organised by the Hellenic Basketball Federation. The league became a fully professional competition in the 1992–93 season.