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“Mikroi iroes for Greece” (Young heroes for Greece) is a programme launched by Stoiximan, in an effort to support remote, isolated regions all over Greece. Its initiatives address the needs of the residents of such areas, especially focusing on children and their families.

Assisting HOPEgenesis’s actions to upturn the country’s stagnant birth rates, Stoiximan has “adopted” 10 remote islands, fully covering the needs of women who live there, from the first weeks of their pregnancy to the day they give birth and being actively involved in the awareness campaign.

Stoiximan’s “Mikroi iroes” (Young heroes) is a programme for and about the children across Greece. From the smallest and widely unknown corners of the country, to the urban centres of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Standing alongside the country’s future citizens

“Mikroi iroes” (Young heroes) focuses on the children and aims to: motivate them to discover the joy of knowledge, with educational and other initiatives, fulfill the needs of the local communities and stand by our country’s future citizens, giving them the chance to believe and invest in their dreams.

Stoiximan’s commitment to supporting the Greek families, sport and community is our CSR programme’s top priority. Through its implementation, Stoiximan aspires to contribute towards a sustainable, more equitable and responsible social growth.

Together with the strongest team

Together with the strongest team 4 leading athletes decided to sign up: Dimitris Diamantidis, Lefteris Petrounias, Spyros Gianniotis and Vasiliki Millousi decided to join forces!

Spyros Gianniotis, the Greek Olympic medalist Olympian in long-distance and open-water freestyle swimming as well as ambassador of the “Mikroi iroes” program traveled with Stoiximan’s and HOPEgenesis’ teams to Thymaina and Fourni, two remote islands of Greece. There he had the opportunity to meet young mothers, exchange souvenirs, and learn more about the challenges and difficulties they face during their pregnancy as well as about our company’s contribution along their arduous journey.


HOPEgenesis is a Greek non-profit organisation active in the fields of healthcare and social welfare, that addresses the issue of low birth rates in Greece. Its mission is to provide comprehensive medical care and treatment to women who live in remote rural areas or isolated islands all over the country, from the early stages of their pregnancy to the day they give birth.

HOPEgenesis NPO’s goal is to reverse the negative birth rates in these regions and in Greece in general. 

HOPEgenesis NPO currently operates in more than 350 mainland villages and islands in Greece. These communities had recorded zero or very few births until the beginning of the programme. The organisation’s medical team consists of more than 50 doctors, midwives and other health care professionals from 15 different regions. Moreover, there are 16 affiliated Medical Centers all over Greece and the beneficiaries exceed the number of 150 in areas with negative birth rates.

HOPEgenesis NPO – The programme:

a. Provides full maternity coverage during pregnancy to women in remote islands and isolated areas, who are pregnant or wish to conceive, without any financial burden, regardless of their financial situation.

b. Offers free infertility treatment services on 28 islands in collaboration with major fertility centers in Greece.

c. Collaborates with University Institutions and Scientific Institutions to conduct scientific studies and research in order to identify the problem and work out its solutions.

d Informs and brings awareness to the public, as well as providing training of the institutions for the reasons and the consequences of the low birth rates.

e. Monitors through pioneering applications of remote medical monitoring (personalized telemedicine) the beneficiaries of the program.

f. Plans innovative programs to strengthen the family and its support structures.

The general mission of HOPEgenesis is to contribute to the revival, growth and gradual growth of the Greek population.