28 Sep 2323

Stoiximan and Super League support our fellow deaf and hearing impaired people


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Stoiximan, Major Sponsor of the Stoiximan Super League, with the message “Giving voice to everyone” shows its solidarity

Stoiximan Major Sponsor of the Super League Greek Championship, together with the organizing authority, have dedicated the 5th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League to the international day of sign languages, aiming to raise awareness and inform the public about our deaf and hearing impaired  people.

In this context, the football players of all teams in the seven games of the 5th matchday of Stoiximan Super League, have entered the field wearing shirts with the name “Stoiximan Super League” that were also printed in the sign language alphabet. At the same time, the teams, upon entering and presenting themselves on the playing field, held a large banner with the message ” Giving voice to everyone ” written in sign language as well, showing their support for this excellent initiative. A special moment was when the footballers made the sign of love in the  international sign language with their hands.

To get the message right and spell out the word Super League and Stoiximan, Stoiximan has collaborated with Hands Up, the Organization of Sign Language Interpreters and Accessibility Services.

At the same time, Stoiximan announced its initiative to offer through Hands Up and in collaboration with the Smiyl sign language school, a cycle of 10 sign language lessons for 10 people. This move aims to strengthen the spread of sign language and is an important offer, with the aim of creating a more inclusive and accessible society for all. Those interested to learn more, can register at Stoiximan’s Corporate Social Responsibility,  www.iroes.gr .

Panos Konstantopoulos, Vice President of Stoiximan noted: “Stoiximan’s main priority is to combine sports with actions of an added social footprint. Through this important initiative, together with Super League, we are supporting our fellow deaf and hearing impaired people, while raising awareness among our audience. This is an integral part of our culture to promote social inclusion and contribute to spreading the values, creating an equal society for all”.

On behalf of the Super League, the organizing authority of the Stoiximan Super League Championship, Deputy President Katia Koxenoglou  pointed out, among others, the following: “Super League, as the organizing authority of the most popular sport in Greece, Stoiximan Super Championship League, took on yet another initiative, in collaboration with Stoiximan, to spread the message ” Giving  voice to everyone “. Ιn football , there are no divisions. Ιn football, everyone has a place. We stand next to our fellow deaf and hearing impaired people, and all together, we show our respect for the daily struggle that they and their families go through. Super League, in great cooperation with the Major Sponsor, Stoiximan, will keep supporting initiatives aimed at raising awareness in the society, making the most of the power that football has to bring together people of all ages, from every corner of the country, regardless of their club preference.”