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15 Jul 2020

Stoiximan’s” Young Heroes “set sail for the next exciting journey of knowledge and learning


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The award-winning corporate responsibility program of the leading GameTech company in Greece, “Little Heroes Learn” by Stoiximan, is spanning across its third life cycle.

The award-winning program “Young Heroes Learn”, having completed three years since its inception in 2017, is now in its 4th phase, managing so far to gather more than 26,000 Primary School students from all over Greece, who had the opportunity to participate free of charge in educational programs of Museums and Institutions.

“Young Heroes Learn” by Stoiximan is an initiative to enhance students’ skills through educational activities that aim to offer them an exciting journey of knowledge, fun experiential and collaborative learning to discover more, to enjoy the game and to get to know themselves better. It should be noted that the program “Young Heroes” embraces two additional sub-actions – “Young Heroes travel” and “Young Heroes for Greece” – which both focus on strengthening the small local communities in the country and the people living in them.

During the successful course of the program, the “Young Heroes Learn” invite the new “bunch” of students on trips to museums and institutions of Attica, the Attica Zoological Park, the National Observatory, the Hellenic Children’s Museum, the Greek Car Museum, the Children’s & Athens Adolescent Film Festival, while in Thessaloniki students can visit the Children’s Museum, NOISIS – Science Dissemination Center & Technology Museum and the Olympic Museum. It should be noted that the program has been extended throughout the country with the support of The Tipping Point, the application that brings the world to the classrooms, even in those located in the most remote areas of the country.

Participation Procedure

The process for enrolling students in the program is simple. Teachers and Parents’ Associations can choose one of the available Educational Programs, which are available and posted on the website, fill in the application by city of interest and then proceed to the direct contact with the contact person, to make the relevant reservation for their class. It should be stressed that with each application of the program “The Young Heroes Learn”, it is stated that they automatically become beneficiaries of the free tickets of the program. All 4th and 5th grades of all Primary Schools in Greece have the right to participate.

Ms. Angeliki Papadopoulou, Corporate Affairs Director of Stoiximan, noted “It is one of our happiest moments, every time we announce the start of the program” Young Heroes Learn “And this happens for two reasons. Firstly, because this program has proven to be so successful that it can be continued for the last three years with undiminished interest from the educational community and secondly, because we know with what enthusiasm and inspiration we will inspire primary school students through their participation in programs that go beyond the narrow confines of the classroom. Through the central program “Young Heroes” Stoiximan’s goal was and remains, to give wings to the young heroes to fly, explore and create, indirectly contributing to the discovery of new small talents in our country. At Stoiximan, we are committed to doing things – serving higher purposes – always differently. One of these purposes is to support all those people who make a difference. “We strongly support these Young Heroes in Stoiximan”.