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15 Jul 2020

Stoiximan in Sikinos, Heraklia, and Schinoussa for the Young Heroes of Greece


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In 2017, Stoiximan launched the program “Young Heroes for Greece”, actively supporting the action of two important organizations, of Symplefsi and Hopegenesis, with the aim of providing assistance to children and families living in remote areas of the country.

For the second consecutive year, we participated in the annual Crossing of the Symplefsi, with our sea route passing through the remote islands, Heraklion, Schinoussa and Sikinos, where we offered supplies for the primary schools of the islands, we participated in the information program for the low birth rate and we talked about the Young Heroes, Stoiximan’s corporate social responsibility program that supports tomorrow’s Heroes in every corner of Greece.

Our first stop was Sikinos, where we visited the school of the island, offering, in collaboration with Symplefsi, supplies that cover part of the needs of the annual operation of the classes.

The second stop of this year’s cruise was Heraklia, where we installed the first 2 pillars in the port of the island, for the supply of electricity and water to the docking boats, an infrastructure that will significantly help increase tourism on the island.

Our last stop, Schinoussa, we had the opportunity to offer to the primary school of the island books, school supplies, games and sports items. At the same time, we participated in informing the residents about the problem of low birth rate and the action of Hopegenesis. Schinoussa is one of the 10 remote islands, which have been “adopted” by Stoiximan, through the program of Hopegenesis, with the contribution of which two Young Heroes have been born on the island in the last two years.

During our visit to Schinoussa we met Nicoletta, one of the two new moms, who really personifies the value of the Hopegenesis program in the letter she addressed to us:

My name is Nicoleta.

I am from Schinoussa and on December 7, with the help of the Hopegenesis program, I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl. My dream was to have children, but the financial difficulties that exist are a serious reason that hinders this dream of many couples, not just me. The standards are already high enough and as there are many medical examinations to undertake and when you are in a place without the necessary medical care the costs cannot but increase. Tickets, housing, hospital, doctors, medicines and more are just some of them. But the work of Hopegenesis gives HOPE to many couples but also to me, to make their dream come true as all the expenses required from the day of pregnancy until the birth are fully covered. This program suggested the perfect occasion to grow our family. Without this program we would not think of having a second child.

So we would like to thank Hopegenesis and the company STOIXIMAN, from the bottom of our hearts who stood by us in this beautiful moment of our lives.

Thank you very much for everything ΄.

Our collaboration with Symplefsi and Hopegenesis continues, as does Stoiximan’s support in remote areas of Greece and for children across the country, with the Young Heroes program.