Stoiximan and KOE continue to work together on the road to Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024


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Vote of confidence for KOE by Stoiximan, the brand of Kaizen Gaming, the largest GameTech company in Greece, for the third consecutive time, with the announcement of the extension of the sponsorship for the next four years while settling on the Olympic Games of Paris in 2014.

Stoiximan will continue to be the Grand Sponsor of KOE and the National Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Teams for the next four years, aiming at the uninterrupted support of the Federation and its athletes, both at this year’s Tokyo Olympics and the upcoming ones of 2024 in Paris.

It is worth noting that the sponsorship relationship between Stoiximan and KOE started in 2015 and was renewed in 2017, having walked on a common path for six years, in one of its longest-running collaborations under the expanded Sponsorship Program to support Greek Sports, in which Stoiximan invests consistently from the first day of its establishment.

The Men’s and Women’s National Water Polo Teams have received significant international distinctions throughout the years, suggesting the most successful teams at a national level for more than thirty years. Stoiximan remains on the side of the Federation, supporting its participation in all events, European and international, including the next two Olympic Games.

As Mr. Panos Konstantopoulos, CMO of Kaizen Gaming, specifically stated, “It is a great pleasure for us to stand by our heroes in practical terms. This is how we view the athletes who put up their own fight to stay at the top of water sports, showing the good side of Greece to the rest of the world. KOE has constantly been included in the large sports family of Kaizen Gaming and Stoiximan. Of course, it is no coincidence that it is one of our most long standing collaborations in our course so far. We feel the great responsibility but also the moral obligation to endorse the National Water Polo Teams. In addition to our exclusive sponsorship to all the sports equipment of our national teams, we are contributing in every possible way to support them, thus fulfilling the basic mission of the sponsor, with the help of our programme, which is none other than rewarding and honoring the talent, the perseverance and the faith in the ‘impossible’.

The president of KOE Mr. Dimitris Diathesopoulos noted: “We are fully aware that it is not easy to have people by your side who support you in every step, in every distinction and victory but also in every defeat and in every difficult moment of the game. We have been fortunate enough to have found in the face of the people of Stoiximan and Kaizen Gaming a stable and indispensable ally in every endeavor. In the midst of a pandemic that continues to significantly affect Greek sports, having pinned down our athletes, compelling them to abstain from their games and their training , we are in a very happy position to be able -with the invaluable help of Stoiximan- to prepare for the upcoming games in both European and world events, aiming at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, but also in Paris in 2024. The renewal of sponsorship will allow us to continue to give our best, aiming for the best results and distinctions to be achieved by our national team. We truly thank Kaizen Gaming for being on our side along this difficult and wonderful journey, that of continuing to give our best shot”.