29 Oct 2020

Kaizen Gaming stands out as the Champion at the Sports Marketing Awards 2020, returning home with nine awards


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“The largest GameTech company in Greece proudly continues its series of distinctions, with 6 gold, 2 silver and the distinction of the “Sports Brand of the Year”

Kaizen Gaming, the largest GameTech company in Greece, returned home with nine awards, reaching out to the top of the Sports Marketing Awards 2020 held for the fourth consecutive year by Boussias Communications, as an initiative to highlight and reward best practices in the field of Greek sports and sports marketing. The business awards and the award ceremony took place on Monday, October 19, gathering a large number of participants. It is worth noting that this year’s nominations exceeded all expectations, especially when taking into account the current conditions established by the pandemic, which only proved the resilience of said Awards. The nominations were evaluated by a Jury consisting of 32 high-ranking experts with Gold Olympian Lefteris Petrounias presiding over the jury.

Kaizen Gaming was nominated in eight categories, eventually winning nine awards after standing out with one of the top three awards of this event, namely the Sports Brand of the Year, increasing by three more the number of awards won compared to last year’s participation. More specifically, Kaizen Gaming won with the Stoiximan brand:

  • GOLD in the category Best Sports-related Content during the Coronavirus pandemic for Responsible Communication 
  • GOLD in the category Best Use of Influencer Marketing with the #FootballAgain campaign: El Sombrero VS Nikolas Raptis by Stoiximan 
  • GOLD in the category Best Content Marketing in Digital Media for the campaigns #OneTeam, Stay Home Athletes, Nikolas Raptis Vs. El Sombrero 
  • GOLD in the category Best Special Edition / Long Form Content during the Coronavirus pandemic for the TV commercial “One Team” 
  • GOLD in the category Best Corporate Website/e-shop for the relaunch of the Iroes.gr website 
  • GOLD in the Best Use of Video category for the TV commercial A TVC Team 
  • SILVER in the category Best CSR Campaign / Activity for the action “Little Heroes Learn from Home” 
  • SILVER in the Best CSR Initiative category during the Coronavirus pandemic for the action “We support the Society as a #OneTeam”

During the lockdown, Kaizen Gaming, upholding the principle of responsible communication, proceeded through the Stoiximan brand with a series of content production actions, casting aside the product communication, so as to be perfectly in line with the spirit of the current times. Thus, there were created the campaigns #OneTeam, #Athletes Stay Home and #FootballAgain, while at the same time there were carried out additional actions to boost the state Health mechanism in all the countries where Kaizen is active by offering both financial donations and special equipment, while updating the program “Little Heroes Learn” into “Little Heroes Learn From Home”. In fact, for the implementation of this program Kaizen collaborated with the organizations The Tippint Point, Stem Education, SciCo, Museum of Experiments and Safe Water Sports, creating specialized material for the needs of children staying at home, attracting more than 700 students of Primary and Secondary education throughout the country.

In the context of the TV spot #OneTeam, there participated leading sports celebrities, which Kaizen Gaming supports in their own struggle, applauding the daily Heroes in an effort to convey messages of hope, optimism and solidarity. At the same time, its digital campaign #Athletes Stay Home, showed the daily life of leading sports celebrities of the large sponsoring family of Stoiximan, while the #FootballAgain campaign with the leading El Sombrero and Nikola Rapti, brought football back to Stoiximan’s Social Media.

Focusing on Technology and People, Responsible Gaming/Safe Recreation and Sports, Kaizen Gaming continues to invest in its own heroes, in all the people who make the impossible possible, in all those who show the way and overcome every obstacle. Based on the aforementioned three pillars, Kaizen Gaming has implemented over the years an ambitious and multifaceted corporate responsibility program, creating individual actions to support and empower the community as a whole. On that account, Kaizen continues to invest in the promotion of Greek sports and in responsible gaming, while focusing on initiatives with People at their core.

As noted by Petros Troullinos, Head of Marketing Operations, Kaizen Gaming, “We would like to warmly thank the organization and the Awards Committee for this year’s distinctions, which we consider to be a little more honorable than any other year. Sports communication is part of us from the beginning and it is something we always make sure to do with quality and responsibility. This year we had one more reason: to use the great fortune of our athletes so as to give a message of strength and hope throughout the country. The truth of the matter is that for these campaigns we are all at Stoiximan, deeply proud both professionally and personally. At this year’s Sports Marketing Awards, Kaizen Gaming and the beloved brand Stoiximan were awarded for their solidarity, teamwork, sincere interest and unselfishness, as embedded in corporate communication with a deep human touch. The “One Team” campaign, the live and continuous material on Social Media that united the world and the social actions suggested our imprint in these trying times. Because in the current global pandemic situation, what makes us stand out is not that we know how to win. It is that we know how to win in trying times. And we all win the most difficult match together “as a team”, as our TV spot underlines”.

Watch the 5 fast cut videos of the #Athletes Stay Home campaign: 

1. Stay 🏠 by Stoiximan Part 5 What is your favourite dish to cook?

2. Stay 🏠 by Stoiximan Part 4 Which TV series do you suggest we watch? 

3. Stay 🏠 by Stoiximan Part 3 What is your favorite track? 

4. Stay 🏠 by Stoiximan Part 2 How much time do you exercise each day? 

5. Stay 🏠 by Stoiximan Part 1 What is your favorite movie? 

Watch the 3 fast cut videos of the #FootballAgain campaign with Nikolas Raptis and El Sombrero: 

1. El Sombrero 🆚 Tailor 🏴 (19/6)

2. El Sombrero 🆚 Tailor 🏴 (11/6) 

3. El Sombrero 🆚 Tailor 🏴 (14/5)