02 Sep 2121

Stoiximan welcomes Gold Olympian Stefanos Ntouskos to the Champions team


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The Olympic gold medalist Stefanos Ntouskos in the men’s skiff suggests the new addition to one of the most numerous and successful sponsored sports teams in our country, namely the Stoiximan Tokyo Team. Stefanos Ntouskos comes from Ioannina and in his second participation in the Tokyo Olympics, he managed not only to win his first Gold Medal but also to break the Olympic record in the men’s skiff, bringing joy to the whole country.

Holding true to our value “We support the heroes of today, we inspire the heroes of tomorrow”, Stoiximan added to its roster Stefanos Ntouskos, winner of 6th place in the men’s lightweight coxless four at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and a Gold Medal at the Mediterranean Games held in 2018. At the same time along with the rest of the country he is cheering for the achievements of most of the 12 athletes in total and of the national men’s water polo team that took part in the Tokyo Olympics, namely Lefteris Petrounias, Katerina Stefanidis, Anna Korakaki, Christos Volilakis, Maria Prevolaraki, Miltos Tentoglou, Vasileia Karachaliou, Giorgos Pilidis, Christian Golomeev, Christina Bourbou, Anneta Kyridou, Maria Kyridou as well as the National Men’s Water Polo Team.

In addition to the Gold Olympian in the Men’s Skiff, the Stoiximan team also netted one more Gold Medal by Miltos Tentoglou in the long jump, a Silver Medal won for the first time in the history of the sport by the Men’s National Water Polo Team and a Bronze by the Midas of the Rings, Lefteris Petrounias in a shocking effort. The success of the Stoiximan sports team continued with the majority of its athletes now ranking in the top ten of their sport.

From the beginning of its operation, Stoiximan has always invested in the implementation of an ambitious and extensive Sponsorship Program, actively endorsing Greek sports both at the club, national team, as well as at the individual athlete’s level. At the same time, we further expanded our Sponsorship Program by joining forces with the International Olympic Academy, of which Stoiximan still suggests a Proud Sponsor, contributing effectively to the implementation of the action plan for the dissemination of the Olympic Movement.

Mr. Panos Konstantopoulos, CMO of Kaizen Gaming stated: “Endorsing sports is an integral part of our philosophy and part of the DNA of the Stoiximan brand. We are very happy with the addition of Stefanos to the Stoiximan family, an athlete equipped with education, morale and talent that will surely give us even greater moments of pride in the course of his athletic career in the future. Stoiximan is standing and will continue to stand by the side of those people who in the face of adversity, insist on conquering peaks, highlighting what they best represent:for their perseverance, for their effort in the face of adversity, for setting always higher goals and eventually for Greece”.