Stoiximan doubles down the monetary reward of 100K as a token of appreciation of the Greece men’s National Water Polo team’s admirable gesture.


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Stoiximan, proud sponsor of the Hellenic Swimming Federation and the National Water Polo Team since 2015, as a reward for the historic success of the men’s polo team at the Tokyo Olympics, as well as for the National Team’s admirable gesture to donate €100.000 to the fire-stricken citizens, is announcing the donation of €100.000 to the National Team, in addition to the already specified amount of our sponsorship agreement. 

“Apart from their historic athletic accomplishment, the respect, ethos, and sensitivity shown by the athletes and the coaching team at the time of a national tragedy, renders them as role models not only as athletes but also as persons” said the CEO of Stoiximan, Mr. George Daskalakis.

Stoiximan stood by the victims of the wildfires from the first moment, with the provision of essential goods, and will continue to do so with targeted actions once the dust settles, always faithful to its commitment to suggest an active helper of Greece.