Stoiximan donates 250,000 surgical masks to the Heroes of the Covid-19 crisis


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Stoiximan contributes to the current needs of the health system, which is currently being tested by the spread of the coronavirus in our country.

Stoiximan, one of the first companies to rush to contribute to covering the current needs of the health system in the country, which is currently being tested due to the spread of the coronavirus, proceeded with the supply and donation of 250,000 surgical masks to the Ministry of Health.

Stoiximan mobilized immediately and quickly, since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, in order to ensure the safety of its people, but also to support the state Health needs. With quick reflexes and in a matter of a few days, the necessary moves were made, so that all 719 employees have the possibility of teleworking, while the company sought a way to actively contribute to covering the current needs in Greece, as well as in other countries where the company operates.

The Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, expressed his gratitude to the company “for its significant contribution to strengthening the National Health System and for dealing effectively with the great national crisis of Public Health that we are experiencing in the country”, as stated in the relevant announcement of the Ministry.

“‘Heroes’ has been Stoiximan’s core Corporate Social Responsibility program for the past 5 years,” commented Stoiximan CEO George Daskalakis in a post on his personal LinkedIn account. “We have always believed that by supporting the few who make a difference, the lives of many will be better. Today, when the actions of each of us directly affect the future of everybody, the Heroes are more relevant than ever. Responsibility is no longer a theoretical approach; it is the only way out of this crisis.

There is no doubt that the greatest Heroes in this unprecedented reality are our medical and nursing staff, the people who fight on the front lines of this battle risking themselves to take care of us and our own.

That is why I am proud that after consultation with the Ministry of Health and with great effort by our team we managed to supply and deliver 250,000 medical masks to the great Heroes of our hospitals, to help address the huge shortage that has arisen in this global crisis. It is our applause, our way of saying “thank you”.

This action could not have taken place without the hard work of our people. With their safety as a top priority, last week we managed to implement Distance Work for 100% of our employees, which means that all 719 members of our teams across Europe now work from home.

We stay home. We stay safe. We stay strong. And we remain united in all of this”.

The masks arrived by plane from Beijing and were delivered to the central warehouses of the Ministry of Health in order to serve the needs of doctors and nurses of the National Health System, to deal with the great public health crisis we are facing in the country. Achieving this goal and bringing this 1.1 tonne cargo on time required coordinated action by the Minister of Health, Mr. Kikilias, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Embassy of China in Greece.