Stoiximan applauds the Greeks who became #OneTeam


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In the unprecedented situation we found ourselves, every brand, every organization and corporate entity needs to be communicating with the Greek people as an employer and sponsor but, most importantly, as a part of the society to be able to convey its message.

With this in mind, Stoiximan created a new TV commercial to thank, encourage and applaud the Greek people for the effort they’ve made and will continue to make. An important aspect of Stoiximan’s message is that of the hope for “tomorrow”, something that we all look forward to.

A “reversed” version of the reality is presented, different from the one we knew until recently. The members of the Stoiximan sports family who are a source of inspiration, admiration and receive the world’s applause, now reciprocate this applause and encourage our fellow citizens who are fighting in the hospitals, factories and the primary sector and those who work and are on the move and do not stop trying for all of us. So, Lefteris Petrounias, Katerina Stefanidi, Anna Koraraki, Vasiliki Millousi, Dimitris Diamantidis, Spiros Gianniotis, Giorgos Samaras, Mathieu Valbuena and Adelino Vieirinha are applauding, with Giannis Zouganelis as a narrator.

The spot communicates and outlines in a simple and unpretentious way the fact that, in such critical moments, we managed to remain united and that the situation we’re in requires our acting as a team. We should all try our best together in order to win and enjoy the company of our loved ones and the ones who make us proud, such as our athletes. The starting point is the same for each and everyone of us. The simple things that we do out of respect to our fellow human beings are now heroic. A hero is not a famous or strong person. We are all heroes.

“In the end, what makes us stand out is not that we know how to win.

It’s that we know how to win in difficult times.

It is like, when you would expect us to yield, for us to become stronger.

To resemble, even for a while, Heroes.

Heroes that show how much people can do when they are united.

We all win the biggest fight together. As #OneTeam.”

Stoiximan’s new commercial complements its actions in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Stoiximan was one of the first companies to support the national health system by donating 250,000 masks, while similar donations were also carried out in other countries where the company operates, such as Cyprys, Portugal and Romania.