Kaizen Gaming (Stoiximan) supports the Greek National Health System with portable Intensive Care Units worth 500,000€


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Kaizen Gaming has immediately mobilized for the second time, on this occasion by introducing a major innovation to tackle the second wave of Covid19.

In the face of the second wave of pandemic in Greece, Kaizen Gaming (known for the brands of Stoiximan and Betano) marshaled once again its resources to support the Greek National Health System with the necessary equipment amounting up to 500,000€. Since the outbreak of the health crisis last March, Kaizen Gaming was one of the first companies to respond to the call to arms and champion the cause of our National Health System by supplying 250,000 protective surgical masks, and all this at a time when global demand exceeded the supply.

Today, amidst the second wave of the coronavirus in our country, the threat appears much more severe. In the effort made by the Ministry of Health to fortify the Public Health against this threat, Kaizen Gaming immediately rallied to the cause by donating 500,000€ for the purchase of 6 Portable Intensive Care Units that will contribute substantially to the health care needs in the upcoming months. This innovative solution was adopted in other countries with higher incidence rates and suggests a flexible solution for current and future ICU needs in Greece. The portable ICUs will be delivered to the Greek National Health System in the coming weeks.

As the Minister of Health Mr. Vassilis Kikilias noted with regards to the initiative of Kaizen Gaming, “From the first moment, the Greek private sector supported through donations the Government’s efforts to strengthen the National Health System. I would like to thank Kaizen Gaming – Stoiximan for responding for the second time to the increased needs of the Greek National Health System by assisting in addressing the great Public Health crisis we are currently coming through“.

The more difficult things become, the more self-evident we consider our participation in the national effort to deal with this crisis. We feel obliged to share our resources for the common good and it is clear that each of us must do our best to support both the heroes working in the National Health System and, of course, our fellow human beings in need. I would like to thank my 800 colleagues at Kaizen who in these turbulent times through their working hard mostly from home, are the ones who made today our action feasible. Our intention is to continue to join forces in the daily struggle of the competent bodies. This struggle is of utmost importance and we must all contribute, each from his position and according to his potential “, added the CEO of Kaizen Gaming Mr. George Daskalakis.

What are the Portable Intensive Care Units?

The innovation of the specific Units lies in their ability to be transported and placed quickly within the Greek territory, having a multiplying effect as they actively reduce the need for medical airlifts within the country. The portable ICUs provide all the medical equipment needed for patients and can be connected to the hospital communication system and their facilities through an inflatable structure, which can even be used to connect more than one Unit. In this way, the creation of multiple ICU networks within the hospital institutions as well as the self-sufficiency of the field hospitals will be further facilitated in the time of corona.