01 Jul 2121

High honor bestowed upon Lefteris Petrounias & Anna Korakaki!


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Lefteris Petrounias and Anna Korakaki will lead the Parade of Nations at Tokyo Olympics at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, two athletes from each delegation will hold their country’s flag at the Opening Ceremony. The relevant decision was taken by the International Olympic Committee so as to promote Gender Equality.

As of tradition the procession of the athletes is always led by the Greek team and the Greek Olympic Committee was asked to choose which members of its delegation will have this highest honor. Lefteris Petrounias and Anna Korakaki have been chosen by unanimous decision!

I feel very honored to hold our flag as a dream I had as a child comes true! I also want to thank the Greek Olympic Committee and I am sure that this moment will forever be engraved on my heart and memory“, said Lefteris Petrounias, Olympic gold medalist in Rio.

The honor that the Greek Olympic Committee bestowed upon me is huge and I am really grateful for choosing me. It is surely a unique feeling to hold the flag of your country at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games on such a historic occasion and that’s what I am planning to do along with Lefteris“, added Anna Korakaki who won two medals (gold and bronze) in 2016.

The two great athletes are preparing to hold high the blue and white flag of Greece on July 23 during the Opening Ceremony at the Tokyo Olympics and they both suggest Greece’s top medal prospects.

It is worth noting that both Lefteris and Anna are members of the Stoiximan Tokyo Team that will be represented at the Games by 12 athletes (including Olympic gold medalist Katerina Stefanidis and European Champion Miltos Tentoglou) along with the National Men’s Polo Team.

Stoiximan is determined to stand firmly by the side of athletes and sports, endorsing those athletes who break new ground every day, who step up and leave it all on the pitch and who eventually prove that goals and dreams are within the bounds of possibility.

Lefteris Petrounias suggests an illustrative example as he has been a member of the Stoiximan family since 2014, while Anna Korakaki since 2015.