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Overcoming Obstacles,

Embracing Opportunities

Stoiximan is committed to fostering inclusion in sports and creating opportunities for people with disabilities. Through the “Stoiximan Wheels of Change” program, people with disabilities are given the opportunity to participate in sports activities.

Because in this race, we run together for each other!

We welcome amateur runners to join as companions of people with disabilities in major running events. Stoiximan covers their participation costs and provides a comprehensive preparation plan. Our team’s goal is to participate regularly in road events across Greece.

Who is the program for?

The program is open to people with disabilities, companions, amateurs, and professional runners.

Preparation of Individuals and their companions:

Both individuals with disabilities and their companions will receive all necessary training and guidance free of charge through training-meetings. This preparation aims to ensure their smooth participation in the running events across Greece.

The benefits of the programme

Participating in this organized sporting activity offers numerous benefits to participants.


Physical & Mental health : in many cases it can enhance strength, balance, functionality, as well as reduce pain. Moreover, participation in an organised sporting activity can contribute towards reducing stress, anxiety disorders, and also depression.
The pleasure and fun felt by the individual, which tend to be a strong motivation for participation, can positively affect the mind and body. The participant reaps the benefits both during the race and after, when the medal carries different weight and importance.

Personal development:
exercising and participating in sports activities for people with disabilities enhances their perception of their own abilities, building up their self-esteem, confidence, mental resilience and to the creation of a more positive self-image. 

This results in the reinforcement of positive emotions and in mitigating of the negative ones (e.g. stress, sadness, loneliness). Therefore, it improves the overall mood, life satisfaction and by extension the well-being and quality of life.

Family life:
the participation of people with disabilities in a sports activity can improve their relationship with the members of their family environment and the degree to which they understand and support each other. Thus, it appears to enhance family quality of life, through strengthening family interaction and cohesion, as well as family psychosocial functioning. 

another important benefit of the participation of individuals with disabilities in a sporting context is the enhancement of social interaction, the expansion of their social network and the opportunity to create positive relationships, which leads to a reduction in feelings of loneliness and isolation and the creation of a better quality of life.

A quality management of free time is observed and social interaction through extroversion is promoted. Social identity is strengthened, everyday life is given meaning and life is redefined. Participation is a perfect opportunity for much-needed socialization.

Finally, the sense of belonging in society can facilitate the breakdown of barriers faced by people with disabilities.

A few words about the NPO “Run with Me”

The “Run With Me” team participated in its first Marathon in 2013. Since then, the team has taken part in dozens of races with custom-made wheelchairs, providing unique moments and experiences for the participants. Through these actions of inclusion and awareness, the “Run With Me” group strives to promote the acceptance, respect, and social inclusion of persons with disabilities.